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For those of you who still come here or want to read what’s happening to Daphne, I’ve moved and renamed my blog!!! I sent out an email to friends giving them the new address, but if you are a friend of a friend, or a rando even, I’d love you to still read about my exploits. Just comment that you’d like the link and I’ll respond do you with it! OR ask the friend that you got the link from in the first place and make them give it to you. Thanks for reading!


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“Half of me, I feel like a jackhammer, I love to holler and stomp my feet and throw rocks. But there’s another side of me that’s like an old man in the corner that’s had too much wine. I’m probably too sentimental for my own good sometimes.” -Tom Waits (stolen from Leah’s blog)

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They’ve saddled me with stupid projects and I also have a gchat addiction, so I couldn’t post. Tadaaa

Things in my life….


I hope she is having the BEST DAY EVERRRR.

Other news, hung out with boy in question last night. Maybe we can code name him BIQ. So Biq and I had a convo wherein he told me I was not allowed to eyefuck anyone else. So let’s look at the current guidelines of our situation:

*No hooking up with other people

*No kissing other people

*No eyefucking other people

*Spending several nights a week together

*I left my boots at his house this morning

*We’re buying tickets for things more than a month away

*We’ve discussed day trips, and will be going to IKEA together soon

*We have inside jokes

*We’ve showered together

…Do I have a boyfriend? Methinks yes. I basically have a boyfriend but the door to the relationship cage isn’t locked in case I want to get out. The DTR turns that key, and I’m not going to lie, we almost turned it last night. But… I like him. I like him more the more I hang out with him. He kinda dazzles me in some ways, and he’s never boring. Hmmmmm.

Happy St. Patty’s yall. I’m still hungover from last night so I’ll be taking it easy. I was so hungover today that I used the word “cunt” freely in a conversation and also told people I would pinch the shit outta them if they didnt put on green. Woops.

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OK I’m back and ready to finish up my ramblings from yesteryore. So, the boy in question and I had a meeting of the minds. We have, as far as I can tell, very divergent romantic backgrounds. My track record is, since I was 16 (9 years) I’ve been in relationships for over 7 years (4 separate relationships). This past year and Sophomore year of college were whirlwinds of singledom. His track record looks more like, from the sound of it, short halfhearted relationships in quick succession (with one anchoring actual love). I’d say I’ve been in love twice. One puppy-dog, sweet sixteen love and one Romeo and Juliet epic bloody tragedy…
It’s scary liking someone new. I forgot what it was like to begin this… all the guys since the Swede have been known dead ends… picking guys that were geographically unavailable (Portland Boy? Nashville Boy?) or emotionally unavailable (recently split, one-nighters, etc). I think I’ve somehow gotten past the part where you shove the person away… but I’m now concerned about holding him too close. I’m outlandishly affectionate. I can’t help it that I’m a huge sap. But if that’s overkill, he’s going to pull away, and I’m going to try to hold tighter. Sigh.
However we came out of our talk with an understanding that we shant get down to any funny business with anyone else… and if that is the case we have to spend more time with each other than just, you know, funny business. We spent a slew of days and nights together, and I can’t wait to see him again. Even if its just for fun, and for now.

After work today I’m going to go to Borders to see if there’s any scraps left from their close-out sale, and then its to the opera I go! WOOP


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I’m not quite sure this weekend could have gone better. I stuffed in so many good friends and fun times… my social life is officially obese. And I love that fat fucker. ß9:30 AM too early to be crude?

So there’s a boy.

Yes it is the boy I was ranting about a week ago, saying I shouldn’t trust him and all that malarkey. I may or may not have accused him of using me as a concubine. However, after my rant that day we had a long talk where we both set out all our concerns [Pause. I’m sorry. I wrote all that and then got busy the rest of the day… will continue tomorrow and hope ya don’t hate me].

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What you undoubtedly want is about two paragraphs of facts. I’ve forgotten so many of the facts. I don’t remember what is true and what might have been true. It hasn’t been a story to write about, you see. Nothing much has ever happened.

As for the picture – I hate cameras. They are so much more sure than I am about everything. I am sending you a photograph of a large drawing which I like. I hope it will do.

I can’t say how much I wish this kind of thing weren’t necessary. I feel like a man who has been to a horse race, and who is asked, “What were you doing while the race was on? What were you doing with your hands? How did your face look?” He wouldn’t know, and I don’t know.

—John Steinbeck in a letter to his publisher, shortly after the acceptance of his first novel, when asked for autobiographical and publicity information.

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