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I am essentially getting over leprosy. Thats what cold sores are like. And apparently the first time you have them is the worst, so I’ve been hiding for a week and a half.

I never realized how vain I was.

Feeling hideous had me not making eye contact during conversations, curtailing my routes to less trafficked streets, or just staying inside in general, LIKE  A LEPER. I dropped off the social map except for a few friends who I felt like were performing charity to be in my pestilent presence (thank you for getting me out of the house). This on top of my mouth hurting so much that I actually started crying when I brushed my teeth, and barely made it through Thankgiving dinner because it hurt so much to chew (canker sores on tongue=me losing 3 pounds over the break). I care too much about what people think about my looks. The first step is admitting you have a problem?

Anyways, I should look completely normal again on Friday, just in time for holiday parties.  

Other news: Leah and I went and saw a screening of Black Swan last night, and it left me emotionally cracked out and perplexed. I highly recommend it, but be warned it is a TRIP, accompanied by a pretty solid masturbation scene. Two thumbs.


Haven’t heard from Milton. Gchatted Montana yesterday morning only to get the inkling that he may not be able to provide me the witty repartee I require, which makes me tres disappointed.

Cant I just find:

The body/heart of The Swede

Humor of Nashville boy

Intelligence of Portland boy

Sweet ‘stache and residential location of Montana (or his body)

Financial security of Milton (or The Swede)

So I’m gonna need a Mad Scientist, a lightening storm, a humpbacked sidekick, some heavy duty sutures….


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lost but not forgotten

Jesus I know, enough already. I got spooked about lurking around taboo internet sites (facebook, bloggin’) after I overheard some ladies in the Subway chattin’ about internet monitoring yesterday, and opted not to post.

AND I was in a conference all morning, so I’m just now getting to work.

BUT I did miss you. So after I get settled in and NOMNOM my Panera turkey sandwich, I’ll get all on top of bloggin’ and updatin’.

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Start at 35 seconds…



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Good Evening My Darlings

Daphne has been so ill yall. Too ill to do anything. I even took a sick day on Wednesday so I could go to the ER and beg some docs to heal me.

Two days of antibiotics later and I still feel like garbage. My head aches, I can barely swallow, my throat hurts so bad I can barely eat. I’m exhausted. Three nights in a row I’ve been in pajamas, in my bed, before 9PM. I even had to cancel my trip to see Becca in NYC that I was SO excited for. Tough times in Daphneville. Tough times indeed. Also, there’s a boy I’ve got my eye on that Leah knows. She’s going to his house party tonight. Were I not stricken by pesky pestilence I would have deemed this a golden opportunity to get to know him better. However, I’m laying in bed. Hair in pigtails. About to read until I fall asleep.

My social life is six feet under.

What we need to discuss, however, is the fact that I emailed the Swede at 4:30AM last night. I miss him so much that I’m worried I’ll go mad. I needed an update. He wrote back within thirty minutes giving me some basic updates, and to be honest it did make me feel a bit better. He said he thinks of me often, and when he does he hopes I’m happy and laughing. He has no idea what I’ve been going through. Not all of us can find someone to move on to right away. Sure there’s been plenty of distractions (Alexander, Milton, Montana) but I could hardly date any of them. Not after the Swede. How do you move on from an epic romance? No seriously, I’m dying to know. I need to know. Im ready to know.

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Throwback jam.

I guy that I haven’t seen since fifth grade friended me on facebook recently. He messaged me that he had come across a guy who was hiking the Appalachian Trail that claimed to be a close friend of mine (I know who he speaks of). He wanted to say hello, that I looked well, etc. I did the same in return, congratulations on your marriage (fb pic is from wedding), hope you’re well, etc. He just messaged me back “The one thing that stands out to me is that we both decided we would like to be vampires in 5th grade. Also,  I once had a dream that we were parachuting together….creepy, i know.”

I would be running around roleplaying Twilight at age 10.

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So sick. Glands swollen. Coughed all night so haggard looking from exhaustion. Sore throat. Head hurts. General disarray.

I want terribly to go home and lay. Nothing but laying. But I start my second job today at a lil thrift store and have to head there straight from work.


I don’t have any energy to write. My brain is a runny yolk.

I’ll give you the shortlist of the weekend:

Fri night stayed in (post Potter, which I will describe at a later date).

Sat night went too hard.

Sunday night Thanksgiving with my friendfamily= perfect

Haven’t heard from Montana, am annoyed by this.

Portland is supposedly moving back today.

Realized that a scarf I paid a quarter or less for is Hermes and is worth $300.

Yup. That’s it.

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OK yall. Its almost time. In two hours my ass will be seated in a theater, moments away from viewing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One.

#W%()IOJG()DROIJGR()*)(#(%)#% SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!

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