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Be safe. Have so much fun you’re scared you’ll end up urinating in your pants a little. Be nice to people (unless theyre a jerk, then I give you leave to cut them).

Hey weekend, you hear me knockin?


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MEHEHEHE. This ep was so good.

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tehehe @ the internetz today

Alrighty, lunchtime

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things of note

1. I really wish I didn’t have to see Nashville boy next week. I want that to be over. He doesn’t give a shit about me, and FINALLY I don’t give a fuck. The not giving of a fuck is something I’ve been desperately seeking with this dude. (Update: turns out I did give a fuck. Woops)

2. I miss work hubby. He’s been gone for three days on a work trip and won’t be back until Monday. He sent me a text this morning that almost made me spit out my coffee. love that.



(blew your mind, no?)

4. Date with Milton Sunday night. I don’t know what to make of his hiatus. For some reason when he explains how busy he’s been my heads like LIAR LIAR LIAR but then my heart goes no head, we’ve met him twice, he would never do that to us. I AM A SUCKER AND I KNOW IT but I’m ok with that because mommas got a big heart and believes the best in people, and so be it if I get hurt over it. so. be. it.

5. Even my Snapple didnt do it for me. I went out last night and now I feel like CACA. And I know the next couple days are going to be arduous with all the partying and having to try to look cute while dressed as Bob Ross (impossible?)

6. I want to eat everything under the sun right now. Hangover + period= zombielike fixation with fastfood. I am literally about to walk raised-arm-tongue-hanging-out-no-blinking to McD’s. NEED BRAINS GREASE.


8. My hands smell like bleach. Why you ask? Well I’m gonna give you a little gift for your Friday and tell you why. BECAUSE when I got home last night around 2, I heated up a tiny bowl of my roomies lasagna. THEN I poured a wee bit of A1 in a little pool on the side, and jolly-like hopped up to bed. Called Leah, obviously, to debrief, and was eating this lavish meal in my bed. Being that I was hammered and it was 2:30 AM and the pool of A1 runneth over, I got that shit all over my recently washed duvet. Thankfully, the Clorox spray was still next to my bed from PuddinSnackGate 2010, and I sprayed that shit ta death. All is well. And my hands smell like bleach.


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Creep (Radiohead) – Scala & Kolacny Brothers from Alex Heller on Vimeo.

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