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For some reason, sitting in this airport bar, I’m feeling the missing of the Swede like a panicked asphyxiation from a heavy pillow aggressively smothering my face. My heart is racing. My lungs are screaming. My eyes dart left to right.

I just wonder what happens the moment the body goes still. The moment I stop prying at the invisible, unrelenting hands gripping the pillow.
The moment of exhaustion and resignation. I give in. Take it all. I’ll pay for peace with my last heartbeat.

The problem is that I’m not fighting and kicking. The hands holding the pillow are my own.


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So it’s almost noon and I’m finally not hungover anymore. Good for me! The words “two dollar rails” really got me in trouble last night. And then I made friends with a creepy kid and decided to spend the last hour of my night field testing his weirdness. He was from Boone. Sold a lot of drugs in college. Interesting stuff. Anywho…

Leaving work in two hours to catch a flight. I’ll be in NC by 8 PM, eating my moms delicious stuffed shells and cuddling my puppies. I’m sad that grandpa is gone, but happy that I’ll be home for a few days 🙂

I’m going to go thrifting in NARNIA (my fav little shack full of cheap as shit clothes. Literally everything there is under a dollar. LOVE)

My boss has caught on to the flirtation between single-office boy and I. She’s given me a couple looks squinting with suspicion when he and I have been talking. I can’t decide if I care.

Also, trying to figure out what I’m going to be for Halloween is stressing me out! Every year I start freaking out, because I’m terrified that I peaked when I was Ms. Frizzle my sophomore year. I hate generic costumes. And I also hate slutty costumes. I spend all of Halloween in a feminist rage. THERES NO SUCH THING AS A SLUTTY BLUEBERRY. DRESSING LIKE SLUTTY COP DOES NOT HELP WOMEN IN THE POLICE FORCE. DRESSING LIKE A SLUTTY SOLDIER REINFORCES THE SYSTEM THAT MAKES RAPE OF FEMALE MILITARY PERSONNEL SUCH A COMMON OCCURRANCE. SLUTTY REFEREE IF I HEAR THAT WHISTLE ONE MORE TIME IM GONNA TACKLE YOU AND STRANGLE YOU WITH IT.


I once saw a girl dressed as slutty candycorn. Every Halloween store has an entire wall full of slutty costumes, and the only not slutty ones for women are for obese women. I get so angry. Anyways, I was thinking of being Daria, but is that overdone? Cliche? Ugh. I also thought about being one of the blue girls from the Florence and the Machine video:

Which reminds me of the receptionist from Beetlejuice-

Ugh. I’ll have to keep an eye out.

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Marilyn Monroe and choreographer Jack Cole. Why isn’t this body type “beautiful” anymore?

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