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I visited my alma mater this past weekend. The wind smelled like Natty Light, mistakes to learn from, get fit for summer garb gleaming sweat, French fries, and if adderall going up students’ noses had a smell that would also be a strong note.

I saw one of my best friends in the world.. we’ll call him “The Beard.” Becoming his friend was a revelation in my life. He was so much a perfect missing fragment in my mosaic-al self concept… a context that I nuzzled in perfectly and warmly. When I met his friends and became interwoven into their fun/free/indie/musical/wild/love-over-floweth tapestry many shadowed corners of my life lit up and I found all sorts of shit in my attic mind that I appreciated. Appreciating your own mind is something precious, and in some ways he helped me with that. He and his cohorts continue to provide me with a gracious plenty of love and perspective… a deep breath of creativity and honesty and a swift pull of gravity when this city threatens to process me through the machine of middle.class.young.professional.in.business.casual…. I sincerely and greatly value his friendship… and I’ve learned to shake away any “what ifs” I may have pondered along the way.


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You ask me for an answer, but I’m so tired and I’m up in the air.

Oh Lisa Loeb, you are near and dear to my blood filled beating heart. I’ve decided to be one of those proverbial cool kidz and start my own blog to talk about my life and this wild and crazy world (writing that made me think about Mark Summers from the Nickelodeon of my youth- does he still suffer from OCD? I sure hope not, he’s better than that).

Let the record show that on this hazy, rainy Friday in DC… the inauguration of my first blog, I am not working. I should be, I’ve got a mondo stack of shit to do, but I’m full from lunch so fuck that. Alternately, I’m creating a blog and making a BOMBASS playlist for the roadtrip I’m going on today with my bff fo lyfe Emilia (names changed to protect the innocent. not like virgin innocent), and her boyfriend Jared. Jared is the most recent of Emilias gentleman callers- turned boyfriends. She’s gorge and laid back, and she can certainly be categorized as a monogamist. It’s like she plunges from a breakup, free falls into another very lucky fella’s arms who happened to be in the right spot to catch her. I love her, and I’m pretty keen on Jared. still sanding down their puzzle piece edges… Engaging in the bartering of heart swap-meet love parts… I hope for the best for them, theyre fearsome to behold as a twosome when you aggregate their gifts. At least they’re gettin’ some sugar, am I right?

Because I am NOT getting figurative sugar, which is making me comp with literal sugar, which explains the fat face. I am a poster child for facial obesity people. The first place I gain weight is my FACE. That is so rude of my genetic code! Can I get an AMEN and a WTF!

I feel like this post should be super lengthy, explaining about who I am and how I bootscooted my round ass up to DC to dig in my heels… but like I said I ate way too much egg salad at lunch and I’m sleepy and that sounds mentally strenuous. Also, I’ve got work to do (on my playlist obvz). Monday I will shed some light on the mystery that is Ms. Daphne. Next weeks entries will also include “Unrequited Indie Love: The Saga of My Bearded Unicorn” and “Why The Fuck Am I Flying To Another State For A Booty Call?” Ya’ll, itz gonna be RIVETING I tell you. Hold onto something because the edge of your seat ain’t gonna hold your fat ass all weekend. For now I bid you farewell.

😉 Daphne

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